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Services B&B Truss Ltd.

B&B Truss we are dedicated in manufacturing and providing you with the best of engineered wood products for the building industry.
Our manufacturing equipment combined with experienced staff to produce floor or roof trusses that will meet any building development requirement.

There are four distinct stages to providing end to end service in which we specialize:


All Trusses are designed with the highest possible standards. The first step after confirmation of the order is to confirm the dimensions.

After dimensions have been confirmed our team of skilled technicians will design the truss using the latest software. Each design is accompanied by detailed calculations, sections and quality arrangement plans.


All Trusses manufactured using the latest equipment and machinery available. In order to make sure that the product is of highest possible quality we use the best quality raw materials.

We can manufacture trusses of any size and dimensions. We have done trusses more than 34 meters long and 5 meters tall in the past.


Delivered on our rigid none articulated lorry, especially adapted to handle Trusses, with its own crane to off load trusses on site. Our lorry is capable of delivering Trusses of any span and heights.

After Sales

We are always available to support you with any questions concerning all aspects of the roof even after the trusses have been delivered.

At B&B Truss Engineering Department our Engineers & Technicians work hard to ensure that your project meets & exceeds roof and floor truss standards. Our focus on detail allows us to ensure your project's smooth success from manufacturing to onsite installation.

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