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Quality Engineered Wood Trusses in British Columbia

High-quality and durable trusses are crucial for any abode. Trusses have numerous benefits over traditional framing as they can be engineered to precise specifications. Pre-manufactured trusses can also drastically reduce building cost and time. Hence, at B & B Truss, we leverage the unmatched versatility of truss construction and use our expertise to provide sustainable building solutions for commercial and personal home builders. So, if you are in search of a dependable engineered trusses manufacturer in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and Alberta, rely on our experts. Just give us a call for floor or roof trusses for all your renovation requirements and get free estimates as well!

Engineered floor and roof trusses allow remarkable versatility in the field of aesthetics and structural design. Our expert professionals know the importance of completing projects in an efficient and timely manner. Hence, we keep ourselves updated with the latest technology that enables us to provide our clients with a wide array of product designs and dimension consistency to realize their envisioned plan with perfection. We manufacture trusses and wooden products using the high-quality raw materials that make them highly durable. With our automated machines, we design products that meet any building development requirement. To make the process even easier for you, we offer free quotes to give you an exact picture of the cost to be incurred.


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At B&B we strive to continually evolve our products and processes to meet the exacting standards of ever changing construction industry. We go all out to bring the best solutions to our customers which are cost-competitive, cutting edge and ecologically sustainable. Our endeavor is to manufacture the best quality engineered trusses by utilizing cutting edge technology to exceed all our client expectations.

Our Story

B&B Truss was founded in 1992 in Surrey, British Columbia, by partners Bill Sandhu & Bruce Hakkak. Their quest to supply superior engineered wood products to the building industry has enabled their business to become a leading manufacturer of engineered trusses having won numerous business achievement awards. Today B&B Truss is an established enterprise with over 100 employees.. read more

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